Monday, October 10, 2011

Paris day 3: Bus Tour

First the Metro to Angelina’s, which our guidebook hyped as the best hot chocolate in Paris. It’s a very fancy-looking restaurant, very Paris. We tried to buy just 3 hot chocolates to share, but the waitress told us 5 seats, 5 drinks. So, 5 hot chocolates. At 7,20 euros times 5, this was an expensive treat. The chocolate came in jugs with dishes of fresh whipped cream, and was rich and lovely but too strong for the children. We could drink only half of what they brought, and the waitress perhaps feeling sorry that we had tried to order what was reasonable and she pushed us to order more, charged us 10 euros less.

Maggie practicing looking Parisian
$10 hot chocolate at Angelina's
After chocolate, we found an English bookstore, WH Smith, back near the Concord plaza. Pam bought some books and I bought some sketchbooks for the family. (We would soon lose Peter for the next two days with head buried in the latest Percy Jackson book.)

All of this walking in the past couple of days has been taking a toll on me (along with stomach troubles I also have some kind of lung problems and a hernia – good things come in threes I suppose!) So today we planned something a little easier, a bus tour. We boarded Le Car Rogue tourbus and just rode around for a couple of hours on the top of the double-decker bus, listening to the tour and snapping touristy pictures. At the stops, instead of hopping off we stayed on the bus and made sketches in our new books. Very nice.

On the bus, Maggie sketched and Peter read
Spotted from the bus: my new favorite statue ever. Someday I want a statue like this made of me, boldly standing there naked with my business in the wind while wild horse rush past me crushing my enemies. Awesome
We finally hopped off at the opera house and found a bathroom in the J3 department store. Finally we called it a day and went back to our neighborhood for dinner at a fabulous vegetarian Indian restaurant and to wait for our first guest.

Pam’s father Jack and girlfriend Zabby and her goddaughter would be joining us Wednesday morning, and Zabby’s goddaughter’s boyfriend would be joining us tonight. We’d never met him, but were told he’s an astrobiologist so how bad could he be?

At 8:38 pm there’s a knock on the door and a shaggy man comes in the entrance. “Hi I’m Chris, sorry I’ll socialize in a few minutes but I hope I can use your internet because I’ve got a NASA proposal that needs to be turned in in the next 22 minutes.”

Without any further words or introduction I simply nod and tell him “proceed,” which he does.

Afterwards Chris and I went out to get cheese, sausages and wine and the grownups sat around socializing while the kids read their books.

It was an easy day, Paris-”lite” perhaps.

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