Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Moving weekend

Big moving weekend! We have moved every year for the last 5 years. I'm not even kidding. (Moved to Norway 2007, moved back to U.S. in 2008, big move back to Norway 2009, moved to different house in 2010, moving now to our very own house 2011.)

The last two moves have been gruesome. This time, we are moving 200 meters, and we have two months to do it, so it is much less stress.

On Saturday we had a big moving day, just for 4 hours from 10-2. We'd expected about 12 people to show up. At the end of day, I counted 23 people working on the move. We were just blown away by how much help we had. We'd expected two big days of moving, but most was done on Saturday. The final people reluctantly went home at 3:30, but they would have stayed until midnight if we hadn't insisted.

It was a fun day. Friends brought brought pumpkin soup and fresh baked bread, and so many hands make for fast work. We were surprised how quickly it came together, and we asked people not to return on Sunday. Seven people did return on Sunday though, and that was the perfect number for some unpacking, cleaning, rearranging, and sending a few more things over.

Now we will take some time to organize and figure out how we fit in with this new space.

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