Wednesday, November 9, 2011

New house preview

It's been a busy time! I've been sick and Pam is having some foot and hip troubles, so it's a difficult time for us to be moving. But dozens of friends have come forward to help with our new house and our move, and we've been overwhelmed with how much help we've received. It really drives home how many friends we have here and what an amazing and supportive community we're in. Thank you awesome friends!

First, here's some pictures of the inside of the house. Here's a route from the front door, up the stairs to the left to the upper level I've been calling "the loft" because it's one big airy room with the kitchen attached to the side.

A friend likened the house to a tree, rooted into the cliff. You enter and your in the middle of the tree with the roots below, you climb up and you're in the tree branches looking out over the valley. It's a special feeling, for sure. It makes me happy every time I walk in.

Below are some pictures of the bathroom. It's from 1956. The hot water heater for the house is over the bathtub, with the shower head attached. It looks weird; it works great. There is a drying closet in the room, a large room with a heater on the floor where you hang up your wet clothes to dry. It's brilliant! We're putting in a washer/dryer instead and moving the hot water heater to this closet also. Notice the paper towel dispenser? Awesome! It's a solid bathroom that we'll remodel next year.

The bathroom and toilet are on the main floor, along with bedrooms, coat closet, and utility closet.

The basement was very rough. A lot of friends came over on many different days to work on it. Several friends painted. Others installed warm flooring and wood laminate in the basement. Others put in cabinets in the kitchen and assembled furniture for us. Thank you friends!

We're redoing the electrical down here entirely, including putting in a circuit breaker instead of a twist-in fuse box. It is totally transforming into a beautiful space.

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  1. Hello Mike and Pam, Peter and I would love to send a house warming gift- but need your new address. Your house looks great-