Saturday, November 26, 2011


According to the weather report, we might be in for some colder temperatures and snow tomorrow. We've enjoyed remarkably mild November weather, today might be the last of it.

We took our guests to visit some of our favorite sites and sights in the Stjørdal area. This is the latest in the year we'd visited these places, and though it was getting cold and windy it was still pretty good. Hegra festning was a hit, although the tunnels were closed for winter. Then we visited Steinvikholmen, a Leonardo daVinci inspired medieval fortress. It felt particularly stark and foreboding today – a storm last night had blown all kinds of weeds and sticks all over the beach, and the sky was big and full of dark clouds and low sunlight. The bridge was down for the winter leaving only the bare support posts, but the tide was out and we could pick our way across the stones to the fortress. The entire scene was a bit surreal. We could sense the trolls watching us...

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