Friday, November 25, 2011

Troll hunt

My sister loves trolls! She used to collect them a child, figures called wishniks. For the next few days we'd be hunting trolls.

We walked around downtown today visiting the cathedral and a few shops. Tourist information has a very good shop with lots of trolls and moose and viking stuff. Here she found a couple of troll figures she loved. We took the trolls to visit the cathedral and then took them for hot chocolate at Choko Boko in Bakklandet.

In the evening, we settled in to watch Trolljegeren (The Troll Hunter) with English subtitles. We'd taken Maggie to this wonderful and scary movie last year at the theater. Anna watched it this time, she sat on my lap the whole time!

We are now prepared to go troll hunting in tunnels and fortresses tomorrow!

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