Monday, December 5, 2011

Chasing down disasters

Ahhh... new house, new experiences, new things breaking all the time. I've been working all week on a clogged kitchen drain, reluctant to spend $500 on a professional. I did call a few places, and they would need more than a week to get out here, so I continue. I've tried 3 different snakes, 2 different potions, boiling water and pumping. Today I'll make my final attempt, opening a port in pipe in the basement very near to where I'm certain the blockage is. This could get quite wet. With an electric heated floor down there, I've got to set this up very carefully. We're pretty tired of doing dishes in a bucket.

The element burned out on the warm water heater. It is an old heater that is mounted on the wall over the bathtub, with the faucet and shower head connected right to the water tank. I tested the element went to buy a replacement, but the replacement element was very expensive. We planned to replace the water heater this spring anyways because we don't like it in our bath and shower space. So, we bit the bullet and bought a new heater instead which was installed two days later. The installer was unable to reconnect the faucet and shower head, so now we have hot water but no shower or bath. I'll be heading to the plumbing shop today to buy some parts to rig something up. When it's done, it will be a snake nest of pipes over a steel mounting bracket and broken ceramic tiles. It's going to be very very ugly, but it will work.

The bathroom sink needs attention also. It is a very old sink with separate hot and cold faucets, which means it's impossible to comfortably wash your hands. And the water and drain hookups for the sink? Oh, they don't exist. The pipes are welded directly to the sink itself, so that will be exciting.

Anna set the kitchen table on fire last night. She put a plastic lid on top of 3 lit candles and didn't notice until the lid was in flames. The table is burnt.

It's just one thing after another. Oh well, it feels like we're slowly making progress!

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  1. Hi... We just bought a house and sold our apartment in Bergen. If there is any problem with the house, you have 5 years guarantee. Normally the seller pays a boligforsikring, so the insurance company will have to deal with the problems. You could also have bought a kjøperforsikring. If not, the old owner may be responsible for the problems.

    Hope it is fixed soon!