Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Getting into Christmas mode

It's taken us time to get into gear for Christmas. We've been very busy with moving out of our rental house, but on Monday we delivered the keys to the owner and had a smooth check-out, thanks in very large part to monumental efforts by teams of friends helping us with moving and cleaning.

Yesterday then was our first official full day of having nothing on the schedule, and how sweet it was!

We made and decorated Christmas cookies, went out shopping for a Christmas tree, unpacked decorations and set up the tree while listening to Christmas songs. It was a beautiful day and we are feeling relaxed and in good holiday spirits.

Today we celebrated Solstice with our family's tradition: a nature hike and then a candle and cookie 'ceremony' where we reflect on the past year and welcome back the sun for the start of a good new year. Because Pam can't walk very well right now, for this year's nature hike we walked only up the hill on our own property behind our house. I hadn't been all the way up, and the view was just awesome and magical. Jultid, we are ready.

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