Sunday, December 25, 2011

God Jul

It was a very happy and pleasant Christmas, one of the best I can remember in many years. All three kids were at the foot of our bed at 7 a.m. – we usually don't see Maggie until after 11. Santa had visited of course and I was very pleased to look forward to a day with absolutely no plans.

Leftover turkey, stuffing and gravy sandwiches for lunch was the greatest thing in the world. We introduced the kids to the game Risk and they spent a big part of the afternoon dancing to a Kinect video game (it's nice to see them playing a video game that gets them moving and jumping and dancing and learning rhythm). In the evening we watched the 1959 movie "Journey to the Center of the Earth." Just before bed some friends from Bellingham we hadn't seen in a long time called on Skype video and that was awesome.

The only thing missing from today was snow. Instead we had 6°C (42°F) temperatures and rain all day, washing away the snow. Yes, snow is pretty, but having the snow go away felt like a Christmas present just for me. Nice!

God Jul, alle!

(PS: I see this is blog entry number 500 on Naylors in Norway 3. Cool! There are a total of 412 posts on Naylors in Norway 1 and 2.)

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