Friday, January 27, 2012

Farm visit

Peter's class will hold a fundraiser for a class trip selling hortensia plants. Today the kids had a day off of school because of teacher planning, so some of the kids took a visit to a farm where we will buy the plants.

We met at a classmate's house and I walked with the kids and the mom to the farm. It's actually a farm highschool... highschools in Norway have different focuses and you can choose a music high school or handicrafts or science, and so on, and some kids attend high schools far from home. This farming high school has a dormitory, greenhouses, stables, and many different animals.

The kids examined the plants they'll be selling in a few weeks as they come into bloom just in time for Norwegian mother's day. They took photos and will be designing the advertisement for sale. Afterwards we looked at cows, petted horses and rabbits, and walked back to the house for waffles.

The walk was pretty long, about 5 kilometers round trip, but the weather was mild and I was happy to get some fresh air and get moving after an idle week.

Checking out the cows

Peter with a horse

This horse is wearing a coat that says "Norsk Slakta". A slakta is a slaughterhouse. Good thing this horse can't read!

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