Sunday, January 22, 2012

Northern lights over Trondheim

Maggie's friend from next door was over this evening. She gets a text message on her phone, then leaps to her feet. "Nordlys!" she yells. Northern lights!

We rushed out on the balcony. There they were. I've never seen them this big before. In fact, this was my first time seeing them in Norway. They appear all the time in Norway, especially in the north, but they are hard to see in the city and there are few people that have seen them inside Trondheim city limits before. Green bands stretched the entire length of the sky, spreading out overhead. To the north was the most interesting part, it swirled and fluttered like a slow motion curtain, occasionally growing spikes or having dark vertical bands.

I stayed out on the patio a long time watching them, long after the rest of my family had gone in, long after the neighbors had had enough and gone in as well. It felt like a show, just for me. A sign of good things to come.


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