Saturday, December 31, 2011

A very good New Year's Eve

Godt Nyttår!

We had a fabulous New Year's Eve.

In our neighborhood, a particularly musical family hosts an annual musical in their living room. Their children and friends compose and play their own songs and have a play revolving around a local issue. The play always involves a witch who starts bad and turns good at the end. It is a real treat to be invited to this party. About 50 neighbors pack into the living room and kitchen and enjoy coffee and cookies during and after the show.

At 7:00 a children's firework show is launched from the fortress. Maggie and her friend walked down to experience the fireworks directly overhead, the rest of us were content to watch the show from the balcony. The children's show give kids a chance to see fireworks without needing to stay up for the big show at midnight. We'd be staying up of course!

After the small fireworks show, we went to our neighbors for a lutefisk dinner. Lutefisk is pretty darn good if prepared properly, and it was. We piled on the tilbehør (accompaniments): bacon, mushy peas, brown cheese, sugar cane syrup and mustard. Mmmmm...! I ate and ate, stopping only because I was too full. Pam made an angel food cake that collapsed during baking and came out like a semi-transparent rubber ring. We dubbed it our "lute-cake". It was inedible for grown-ups, but the kids liked it well enough to eat the whole thing.

After dinner we did our own theatrical performance and then watched the show from the balcony. It is always amazing to me to witness the city on this evening. During the half-hour before the big show begins, we can see fireworks exploding in every direction from our vantage point overlooking all of downtown and the fjord. The air is filled with color and light and the constant popping of explosions. It's spectacular! The show begins at midnight, huge fireballs in the glittering night. Wow!

I learned that NTNU has a fireworks club, and students make some of the fireworks that are launched over the city. Cool.

The children were very keen to stay up until 2 a.m. ("Until I drop!" Peter insisted.) Pam and I didn't make it quite so long.

It was a great day of good food, friends and neighborliness. We start the new year in high spirits!

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