Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Pam found us a dog. She and Peter took the bus to the airport and flew to Oslo to meet the breeder. A day of adventure awaits!

Anna gets a call from Oslo. They have the dog.

They took the train back, a 7-hour trip. The dog did great. Here they are arriving at the train station on a wet snowy night.

Anna, Maggie and had made decorations to welcome the dog home on this St. Valentine's Day. The cats however weren't too welcoming.

He's a border collie/golden retriever mix, a "coltriever". He's 4 months old, well trained, very loving and a little shy. I think he'll be great.

We're looking for names! We've tried Shivas, Henry, Watson, Sherlock, Severus, Dr. Jones, Jake, Jack, Chewie, Dog and Sparta. I'm liking "Dog" more and more. Send us your suggestions!


  1. I'm thinking a name that's easy for the neighbor kids to remember. This is especially important, when you need to rope one of them into dog-sitting! :-P How about Flekk? (a.k.a. Spot)

  2. That has the right ring to it! I'm gravitating towards one-syllable names.

  3. Oreo
    Fredrick (said with an english accent)

    those are my suggestions

  4. Oooo! Oslo. It has a sophisticated sort of twang to it. Yet, it rolls-off the tongue nicely. That'll come in handy when he messes in the house! I can almost hear it now... I believe the phonetic pronunciation would be... 'Oaaaahslooooow!'

  5. I wanted Oslo very much. We could call him Ozzy. I was outvoted. We settled on Dr. Henry Jones. That way we call him Indiana, or Indy for short.