Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Starship Awesome

Maggie and her friend Frøy are running an elective at school called Starship Awesome. It's a 'geek culture' club where they learn about sci-fi films, physics, blowing things up, etc. They have 14 kids in grades 3-6 who are taking the elective. The elective meets 2 hours a week for 8 weeks, and they've planned out each of the classes.

I came to visit today as a guest lecturer. I told them all about the N.S.S. Starstorm, the Naylor family spaceship we built in the year 2020, the roles of each of the family members, and our first mission to Alpha Centuri, 4 light years away. (Of course we discussed time dilation and how to avoid it with wormholes).

I then drew exterior pictures of the spaceship and floor plans for the interior, and then the kids designed their own family spaceships. It was a hoot!

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