Saturday, March 31, 2012

Maggie in Turkey

The school got an EU grant to send four students to Turkey for a week. Maggie competed for and won a spot on the team. She was in Turkey from Sunday until Saturday, visiting with a school, seeing Istanbul, and staying with a Turkish family.

What an adventure she had! The family she stayed with spoke no English (not sure how that happened in the planning), but they were very welcoming and treated her like a pet dog. She studied an English-Turkish dictionary and learned to communicate. 8 people lived in the house and they had 3 cows out back. In the morning she got warm cow milk with sugar and honeycomb on bread. She helped cook dinner one night: chicken and rice wrapped in maple leaves. They ate the leaves, too. The bathroom was outside, a tiled room with a hole in the floor. She played dodgeball with neighborhood kids and was taken around to visit lots of families in the area. The kids has a few days in Istanbul visiting museums and mosques, and because of the traveling back and forth she can now claim as a result of this trip that she has been to Asia three times! The hosts were very gracious, and she returned with presents for all of us.

We talked with her on the phone every night, and she was so excited each time we talked. Lucky Maggie! We are happy to have her back.

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