Saturday, March 24, 2012

Operation Mac

We have a macbook with a broken screen, and another macbook with a broken processor and case. So today Peter and I took them both apart and transplanted the screen from the one machine to the other. It is not an easy operation – the entire machine needs to come apart and there is real danger of cracking the screen when removing or inserting it. After removing and replacing dozens of tiny screens, 1:45 later we had a fully functioning machine. Success, and some good father/son time. It's true, they actually become useful as they get older. Huh.


  1. Kudos Mike and Peter! I've been on the inside of some of those models... and it can get kinda hairy! well done indeed!

  2. Thanks! I've done it before... it does get easier the second time. At the shop, they want to charge as much as a new laptop to do the job. Crazy.