Friday, March 23, 2012

Wack-A-Doo Zoo

Today was the performance of the school musical, Wack-A-Doo Zoo. Anna has been excited for a month about this, learning her lines and the songs and getting costume and make-up together and going to practices. Anna had a key role as one of the professors visiting a zoo where all of the animals said the wrong noises. The professors tried to teach them to speak properly, and everyone ended up unhappy. It was a play about learning to like yourself for who you and telling meddling professors where to stick it because they don't know nothing. "Go home professors go home go home/ go home and leave us alone alone/we were so happy before you came/why don't you leave on the very next train/Go home to your university/go home to your bongos and LSD/..." (OK, I made up that last line about bongos and LSD).

There were 2 shows executed in conjunction with grandparents day, and a neighboring school came to see the play as well. The staging was well done, with 5 stages and the audience sitting all around in 5 seating areas. Pam did popcorn for the show.

It was a slice of parental bliss.

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  1. Silly professors don't know anything about anything.