Sunday, March 18, 2012


Risgrøt: Rice porridge. I've made this Norwegian dish the past two weekends, and we all love it. There's various recipes, but after a few trials I just make it up as I go along. Here's the theory:

Cook one cup of rice in one liter of milk for an hour or two. Keep adding milk or water to keep it from burning to the pot. When the rice is really mushy, remove from heat and serve.

Did you catch that: a liter of milk. It's a lot of milk, and it all gets absorbed or boiled away and leaves the good stuff. Use whole milk otherwise you're wasting milky goodness. I add a splash of vanilla extract in the beginning and it fills the kitchen with a wonderful scent. The kids anticipate it for an hour, making it taste all the better when it's ready. As the milk cooks down, the porridge becomes sweet from the milk sugars. Oh, it's lovely.

Set the table with butter, salt, cinnamon, sugar, and jelly. Folks can put whatever they like on it. The kids like a sprinking of cinnamon, I like butter and salt, but sometimes throw a spoonful of cherry jam on top. That one cup of rice somehow eats up all the milk and expands to make enough for a family of five.

Norwegian breakfast happiness, and so easy. You can cook the rice as normal at first in water and then add the milk gradually, or you can cook it right in the milk. It really doesn't matter. Just remember to check it every ten minutes or so and stir and add water or milk. It's no fun if it burns!

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