Sunday, April 15, 2012


Nice weather! It's great to be back to sunshine. We took Anna and the dog down to the fjord for a walk. Indy splashed in the cold water while Anna and I worked on skipping stones. Anna got the rocks to hop a few times.

Back home, Pam worked in the yard in the sunshine while I cleaned the grill and hung a swing chair. We grilled dogs and burgers and it really feels like spring is here at last!

Indy wants a seagull. Badly.
 On the edge of the fjord along one particular inlet is a wide swath of trash, mainly plastic mixed with wood. This is where the current sends flotsam and high tide deposits it. Its disappointing to see so much trash and I like to think that it has been blown into the fjord and not thoughtlessly discarded, but I think there's plenty of both. On the beach area I saw two children with bags picking up trash, and that made me feel much better.

Fantastic shades of green along one stretch of rocks.

The grill is up and running! Kids playing in the yard... spring is here!

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