Monday, April 30, 2012


Greg, an old high school buddy visited this weekend. He was joined by some friends of his from Denmark, a couple with two children. We had a very nice four days together, seeing Trondheim and hanging out. The weather behaved fairly well. We made new friends and very much enjoyed the company. Here's a few random pics from the weekend.

Greg discovers the old military public urinal, still functional. This was built near barracks in response to the public's complaints about soldiers pissing in alleyways.

The kids enjoying milkshakes at Trondheim's American 50s diner, Pair-a-Dice.

Greg rides the Orbitron at the Vitensenteret. He managed to keep his lunch down (up?)

Pam with baby Ewan in our back yard. We took a short 'nature hike' up the hill in our back yard. Spectacular view!

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