Thursday, May 10, 2012

Hacking an ink security tag

Pam's dad mailed her an MSU sweatshirt some time ago, and it still had the ink security tag attached which the JCPenney salesperson had failed to remove. We didn't know where to take it in Norway to get this removed, so I did exploratory surgery on it today. Here's how it went:

First I melted the tip on the cone end of the tag with a candle.

 The tip got soft and a spring came popping out through the plastic. I could see more hardware underneath but couldn't get to it with a screwdriver. I was scared of breaking the ink compartment I knew must be somewhere inside.

 I melted it further until I could get a screwdriver in and pry out a metal nut on the end of the pin.
Tag removed! The ink was contained in two glass flasks in the other, flat part of the tag. Even though the sweatshirt was paid for, it still felt like I was doing something illegal. Aaah, the sweet adrenaline rush of criminal activity!

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