Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Peter's birthday – to Oslo!

It was a busy morning! Today we travel to Oslo to get the kids passports renewed. Because they are under 16, we must apply in person with both parents present, and because we are in Norway we must do it at U.S. Embassy in Oslo. Actually, once a year embassy representatives come to Trondheim and passports can be renewed then, but this year Maggie was in Turkey during the visit so we are forced to make this trip. We have appointments for tomorrow morning. We shall drive down tonight and stay in a hotel. It will be tiring, but much cheaper than flying.

Early a.m. I picked up some tires I had mounted on rims yesterday and then met a colleague to plan a talk I'll be giving in Lillestrøm tomorrow after the embassy visit. Then I put the new rims on the car. Filled out passport applications, printed and cut passport pictures. Packed. Cleaned. Went to the grocery store. Made a cake. Picked up the kids at 2:00, got gas, then picked up Pam and we were off!

Our Trollmobile didn't pass the EU safety check so I can't drive it until it's fixed, and our VW was stolen, so we have just the little car. All of us in a little car for two days. (Yes, we have too many vehicles, but I'm glad for it today!) Pam drove for the first few hours while I worked on my presentation and the kids fought in the back seat. We stopped for dinner at a Kro, which is a truckstop where there's food and lodging. We've seen kros for years but never stopped at one. It was nice! We all had good meals and then ate an Oreo cookie cake I made earlier.

Back on the road again, taking Route 3 between Tynnset and Elverun we entered moose country. We saw moose artwork on a bridge and several times we saw arrangements of moose antlers fastened high on trees painted in fluorescent colors. Fantastic!

Moose art in Andy Warhol style
Fluorescent antlers on trees
Maggie and a moose carving at a rest area
At 10 p.m. we got to our hotel, the Gardemoen Hotel Bed and Breakfast near the airport and about 45 minutes away from downtown Oslo. We got a room for 5 for 1290 kroner, which is about half the price of hotels in the city. It was luxurious to stretch out and relax in the room, with ice cream. Tomorrow we are up early.

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