Sunday, May 13, 2012

Prepping for spring. Finally.

Weather has been warm and cold, alternating between promises of spring in April and then snow during the first week of May. This weekend it looks promising again. We'll wait until the 17th of May to decide.

Saturday after Maggie's confirmation I took Peter to a school fundraiser car wash. We washed the car... I couldn't help but get involved as well, even though I was still in my nice clothes! Pam took Anna to the nursery to get flowers to plant in the yard, and then I took Peter to get a bicycle. We found a very nice model at a XXL for 800 kr. (about $135) which is pretty unheard of for a new bike. It comes with 3 free service visits over the next 3 years, a nice bonus.

We're ready for nice weather! We've been ready for it for a looooong time.

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