Monday, May 28, 2012

Russe list

I got ahold of my first list of Russe stunts. During Russe period (the final three weeks of high school where students wear offcial costumes, party and do crazy things), participants can complete challenges and then they get to add small items to their hats. Some of the stunts are funny, some involve sex or alcohol, and some contradict others (you can get an award for abstaining from alcohol during the entire period, for example) so it's impossible to earn them all. Not all of them encourage irresponsible behavior, either, so it's possible to collect many awards without losing your moral compass if you so desire.

I thought the lists were confidential, but a recent Russe showed me her list and then I found many others online. There were 132 stunts, or 'knuter' ('tough-nuts') listed on the official Trondheim Russeknute list, and then every school has their own that they add (Katedral skole had 209 on their list). I've translated the list and I present a sampling here to give you an idea of the kind of challenges and the variety. I've cut down the list quite a bit, but if you search for "Russeknute" you can find many such lists. Looks like fun to me!

1. Knot in hat: 24 hours without sleep.

3. Lollipop: Hand out Russe cards to children in hospital.

4. Ruler: Sit under your desk for a whole lesson.

5. Safety Pins: Request sex tips from the mother of a fellow Russe.

6. A crust of bread: Wear bread like shoes a full day of school.

7. Gold Pin: Swim outside before 1 April.

16. Kvikklunsj Paper: Do business at the police station with cross-country skis, poles and rucksacks.

17. Piece of cloth: Wear Russe pants throughout the entire Russe period.

30. Toy car: Drive ten rounds in a roundabout

32. Bit of packaging: Eat a burger in two bites

42. A one-crown coin: Buy a case of 0.33 l beer only one kroner coins.

43. A five-crown coin: Buy a meal from Burger King and give it to a beggar.

45. Parking Tickets: Pay for one hour parking in the middle of the city and occupy the space with you and a tricycle

55. Reflective tape: Operate radar control in the 30-zone with a reflective vest and hair dryers

70. Plastic Apple: Report a worm in your apple to the police.

72. Piece of a page from a dictionary: Speaking a language other than Norwegian for an entire class period (your own invented language is allowed!)

75. Eraser: Stay overnight in the yard of a teacher

83. Number slip: assist a customer in a random store

85. The money from the trip: Operate a pirate taxi from Monkegate to the Torg with a tricycle.

92. Lollipop Paper: Buy ice cream and give russe cards to an entire kindergarten.

98. McDonalds bag of salt: Drive naked through the drive-in at McDonalds and ask for a milkshake.

105. Kebab bread: Place a kebab in the blender and drink it

123. Pickled herring: Go with a frozen fish on a leash in the northern gate and look for a vet.

125. Toy car: Climb through the back seat of a car waiting at a red light.

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