Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Shrimp party on Elvegate

I work with a group of retired engineers who build models for the Trondheim Science Center. They call themselves the DaVingineers, as several of their best creations are models based on DaVinci designs. To celebrate the end of the season, the director of the group had a shrimp party at her house. She lives on Elvegate, which is on the river right in the heart of downtown. These houses are in the most desirable location in the city, a block that was taken over by German officers during WWII.
Our hostess had set forth a beautiful table in the yard on the river's edge. Then she brought forth the shrimp, two huge bowls of shrimps. Gigantic bowls of shrimp. I have never seen so many shrimp at once. And they had heads with big eyes and antennae, and each one was clutching several hundred eggs at its belly.

I confess I have never had shrimp with heads on before. I had to secretly watch others to see how to rip off the heads and clean the shrimp. It didn't take long to catch on, but it was a bit weird. The shrimp were delicious.

We had absolutely beautiful weather for an absolutely beautiful evening. I noted how strange it was also that I had many deep conversations about life and war and science, all in Norwegian. I've still got miles to go in language learning, but I'm definitely getting it.

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