Sunday, May 20, 2012

Start of endless daylight

Today is May 20th. From today until July 20th, there will be no darkness in Trondheim. The sun will never be greater than 6° below the horizon, the limit for what is know as civil twilight where no lighting is needed to see inside of a city. (Between 6° and 12° below the horizon is nautical twilight where no light is needed at sea).

It is now very difficult to feel sleepy or to notice that it's time for bed. This is the time of year where Norwegian children stay up all night. It's after 9 p.m. and the sun is high high high above the fjord. We've been unintentionally going to bed later and later, close to midnight, and I'm waking up very early in the morning because it's so light. The funny thing is even with less and less sleep, I'm not feeling tired. We are definitely physiologically connected to our environment!

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