Sunday, May 20, 2012


Finally we had the weather and I had the energy to get our trampoline set up yesterday. We bought this from (Norway's Craigslist) cheap last year, but just when we got it the owner of the house we were renting tore up the yard putting in new drainage and we had nowhere to set it up. Now we have moved and have our own house with our own yard and do as we like.

The kids brought all the pieces up from the garage and Peter, Anna and her friend Catie all worked hard to get it set up. It went very quickly, and 30 minutes later we were hopping. They played on it all day, even setting up blankets and pillows to read on it later in the evening. Anna decided she would sleep on it, but at midnight I carried her back inside to bed. It's still not that warm yet.

There is much happiness in the yard now! 

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