Monday, June 4, 2012

Orthodontics in Norway: Peter's teeth

Peter had an orthodontist appointment. He's got two teeth coming down where there's no space for them. The orthodontist called them "hjorne tenner," or "corner teeth," which I think is a pretty cool name for these teeth. His upper jaw is a bit too narrow and his teeth are broader than normal, which means a mess is about to happen. We need to make space for these corner teeth, and the options are to have two teeth pulled on the top or have him braces now and hope that enough space can be opened. With no guarantee that braces will work, he and I decided that we will go through life with 2 fewer teeth on the top than on the bottom. His bite will need some tweaking in the future as the teeth may line up strangely once everything is in place. He will have a little less to brush, in any case.

I'm amazed that these kind of things can be foreseen and handled before they become problems. And I'm glad we took him to the orthodontist early.

Orthodontia in Norway, by the way, costs about $2000 flat fee. It's expensive, but about half the cost in the United States. Regular dentistry for kids is free until age 19, after than you have to pay your own dental fees.

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