Saturday, June 9, 2012

Picnic at Estensted

Fine weather today called for an outing. In traditional Norwegian fashion, we headed to the forest, this time to Estensted up behind the Dragvoll campus. We went here a couple of years ago for berry picking and fondly remembered the beautiful forest and lakes. We weren't disappointed this time either.

It's about a 2 km walk from the parking area, up the hill, past Estensted Hytte and the first lake (popular swimming area with diving platform) to the quieter second lake which we prefer. A family had set up in our intended picnic spot, so we continued farther along the lake shore and found an even more beautiful private spot with a picnic table.

The kids hit each other with sticks, Indy chased birds, Pam lay on a blanket in the sun, and I grilled hot dogs and hamburgers on our one-time grill, a must-have picnic accessory in Norway. We stayed for hours until Anna fell in the lake, and then packed up for the long walk back to the car.

The kids couldn't believe we'd been there for 3 hours, it went by so quickly. We had a lovely outing, and gentle walks in the woods is exactly what I need right now. Welcome, summer.

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