Thursday, June 7, 2012

Scenes from around town and home

Cleaning up the desktop and thought I should scoop up these pictures worth mentioning...

Here's a couple of shots of the gargoyles outside of the cathedral restoration workshop downtown. The crew here uses only authentic tools from the era to build replacement parts for the medieval cathedral in town. Some broken gargoyles sit on the sidewalk outside. My favorite is the gargoyle with its butt hanging over the edge; rainwater flows through the gargoyle and out of its rear end. Who says church designers are serious all the time?

In our back yard we have a steep (slope = 1) hill up into the woods. I cut a zig zag path up the hill and it's very nice to walk up. I'm planning on building a deck at the forest edge where the view is breathtaking.

 A path near our house, a shortcut home. On this day a few weeks ago, soft green newly sprung leaves mixed with gentle pink and purple wildflowers and the light added so much color to everything. It was like some kind of fairytale trail, right in our neighborhood.

I joke to myself that I take zillions of photos of the view from our house and they never look like anything. Well, this one looks okay, still not as good as seeing it for yourself. I just love our view, different every hour. Better than TV.

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