Saturday, June 30, 2012


I like this word, "steinhugger". Looks like "stone hugger". It actually means "stone carver". Today there were 100 of them from all over Europe, gathered in the gård next to the cathedral. They started this morning each with a block of stone, and they will bang on them all day to create a sculpture. Tomorrow there will be an auction and the sculptures will be sold.

We went down with our neighbors to check out the action. Oh, the beautiful noise of 100 stone huggers bonking away with their chisels! We floated about, taking it in. Maggie talked to several of them. Outside of the tent were some large blocks with tools that we could use to try it out. A band played. The army museum inside the gård was open with free admission and so we could check that out too (it was surprisingly good!)

A band started playing David Bowie covers inside the tent at 4:00. The kids ran around the gård playing 'hot potato' with a plastic bottle.

A fun excursion downtown. Now we all want to take stone cutting classes!

Peter and Erik try out artillery in the army museum

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