Sunday, July 1, 2012

Extra second and return of the badgers

... or 'grevling' as they're called in Norwegian.

I was staying up late with Maggie until 23:59:60, UTC (which is just before 2 a.m.) so that we could experience a minute which has 61 seconds in it. Oooooh, it was amazing! You'd never think a minute could last so long!

15 minutes before the special minute, we heard crashing outside the front door. I ran down and swung open the door, ready to surprise bandits. Instead, there were 3 large badgers on the front porch, fighting over some scraps of dry cat food. They hissed at me and ran down the path. Then hissed at each. Then tried to jump up a short wall, unsuccessfully. They looked like a band of fat slobs.

Incidentally, last week I opened the door to head out to work and was shocked with a scene of garbage strewn all over the entranceway. A bag of trash had been left outside the door last night and it was shredded. I blamed the cats, but it seemed far too ambitious for our puny pets. Now I'm pretty sure it was a band of fat, angry badgers.

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