Friday, July 13, 2012

Ha det bra, Trollmobile!

Every two years in the EU you need to get your car inspected and anything wrong needs to be fixed. It is the dreaded "EU control", cursed and praised by Norwegians. Cursed because it costs and you always need something fixed, praised because your car stays in good condition and you know that every other car on the road is also in good condition.

Well, the minibus failed. The frame was rusted through, amongst other things and the price tag to fix it stood at 20.000 kr., the same that we paid for the bus two years ago. The engine is also very tired – the bus has almost 700.000 km on it. As I was debating what to do with it suddenly wouldn't start anymore. Finally I cut a deal with a guy I know out in Størdal, and he came and took it away.

It was fun while it lasted! We'll be in the market for another large human transport vehicle later on in the year.

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  1. The kids all express their condolences at the loss of the Trollmobile. It was our welcome to Norway and our pleasant goodbye. Farewell!