Friday, July 6, 2012

Midtsand Beach

On the recommendation of a colleague, we headed out to the beach today. It's a newly developed area in Midtsand, just past Vikhammer, about a 20 minute drive. The parking are is newly planted with hundreds of plum trees between the rows that will be wonderful eating in a few years. Just outside the parking area is a hilly skateboard area. We take the path past hundreds of apple trees, also newly planted, and walk past a sandy beach filled with bathers and a covered picnic table/meeting space. We're with Indy, so we're looking for beach area that he can run free. The path leads out onto a small peninsula. The kids are excited to discover old overgrown railroad tracks that head right into the water and a secret grotto with several climbing ropes tied up in the trees.

Eventually we find our own personal stretch of beach. Anna and I hunt for shells, Pam stretches out on the stones, Peter leaps from rock to rock, and Indy chases sticks. Getting braver and braver, Peter and Anna finally end up swimming in the fjord. Brrr! It is magnificently warm today, though, and the water in the shallow area is not too cold.

Afterwards we stroll back towards the entrance and stop at the bright green kiosk called 'Pære', or the 'Pear', and buy some ice cream.

It was a lovely beach/rec area, and nice to see that whoever is building this is doing it right. It's already very fine but in a few years it will be amazing.
Skateboard area
Hundreds of fruit trees recently planted
Mysterious railroad tracks

Secret rope grotto
Fjord. I still love that word.
Anna and Peter swimming
Ice cream!

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