Sunday, July 22, 2012

To Frøya!

Frøya is an island falling off the edge of the Norway... but it feels like it's falling off the edge of the world. Such a strange place. The edge of Norway looks like it was made by a giant monster who was slipping into the sea and dug his claws into the stone, tearing gashes and shredding the rock.

Indy and I headed off to my friend's hytte on this island, a three-hour drive from Trondheim. Here's some pics from our adventure.

Long shadows and brilliant colors of light at a rest area half-way to Frøya.

Fruit filled crepes for breakfast.
The bay outside of a hytte we visited

Wandering out to the edge of the world... an alien landscape. The ground is rock covered with peat moss covered with heather, making it feel very much like walking on sponges. Occasionally your foot will sink unexpectedly through the ground cover, making walking very slow and hazardous.

In the evening, we went on another hike to the north shore. Amazing sky and flowers.

Out on a boat tour in the morning.

We visited with some neighbors who had this clever birdhouse.

It was a lovely trip... Indy and I enjoyed the walks. The dip into nature always feels like a nice cleansing for my mind.

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