Thursday, August 9, 2012

Return from the USA

We've been to the USA for vacation, visiting Maryland, Ohio, Michigan and Wisconsin. It was a lot of traveling in a short time to see our families that are now spread out in many states, but it was a lovely trip despite the 95°F temperatures every day.

Something different this time was that we purchased a minivan. It would cost us nearly $2000 to rent a minivan for 3-4 weeks, or we could buy one for the same amount. I had a friend in Ann Arbor buy one from Craigslist (American version of

We had a huge amount of bags returning. We each checked two large bags, plus carry-ons made for 18 bags. The bus driver in Trondheim asked if we were moving to Norway. It was indeed more bags than we moved to Norway with the first time.

The weather is cool here in Trondheim. It actually feels nice to be "back at the North Pole." It was a lovely trip. Now we need a week of rest to recover from our vacation!

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