Saturday, September 1, 2012

Berry picking

It is berry season in Norway. The weather has been fairly awful all year, but this weekend we got beautiful mild sunny weather and we were very happy to head out to the forest hunting for berries. The hills are full of raspberries and tiny sweet blueberries, the forests are cool and quiet, calming and inviting. We went to Estensted, a popular local place for berry-picking on the east side of town ('Estensted' means 'eastern place'). Instead of heading all of the way up into the hills, we left the trail almost immediately and set off into the forest blazing our own trail. Or maybe I should say 'reblazing a trail' – the area we explored was largely picked over by earlier berry hunters. Before long however we found an undiscovered area. Using our red plastic berry picking boxes, we combed through the low plants, the blueberries obligingly popping off the branches to fill our containers.

Afterwards, we reluctantly left, our bellies happy and our bucket full. Back at home we made a blueberry-raspberry pie. Mmmmm...

I like being in the forest very much. It has a magical feel to it, and when you're collecting berries or mushrooms there is the additional feel that the forest is providing for you... gifts from nature.

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