Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Filming for TV

I was filmed today for an episode of NRK's Schrödingers Katt, a popular science program. Our intended theme was 'The Mathematics of Nature', with a visit to the forest, but it was raining heavily today and so instead we changed our theme 'Mathematics at a Vegetable Stand'. We filmed in a local grocery store, and had a blast hunting after mathematics and describing the fascinating structures of fruits and vegetables. (I've published a paper on botanical mathematics and given several talks on the subject.)

The show will air in a month or two. I'll put up a link when it comes out.

After filming, I purchased the fantastic Romansecu cauliflower that had a starring role in the program as "The Queen of the Mathematical Vegetables". I brought it home and we ate it the following evening, laughing about eating Norway's soon to be famous tv-star vegetable. Nam nam nam!

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