Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Parking app

They've got a parking app for iPhones out in Trondheim now. Just click 'start parking' when you go downtown and dial in how much time you want. Get back to your car early and get a refund on unused time. Running over? The app alerts you when you have 5 minutes left and you can add time right on the spot. It gets billed to your credit care.

I love it! It makes we want to go downtown just to park. I've always felt bad paying for parking because I feel I'm losing if I don't use the whole time, and I risk losing even more if I go over and get a ticket. Finally an easy way to pay for exactly what I use!


  1. Is this from Trondheim Kommune or some other source? Is it different than easypark?

  2. It's called SmartPark Trondheim. It's from the kommune, and you need a Norwegian iTunes store account to download it. I still have an American account, so I had to open a new Norway-based account to access the app, but I was able to get it and install it alongside all my other 'foreign' apps with no problem.