Saturday, October 27, 2012

Breakdown in the tunnel

Last night going to laser tag the battery light was on in the van. I feared perhaps we had alternator trouble and I would need to investigate this weekend. The issue was forced today when the van died.

Pam was on the highway with vanload of girls, Anna and her friends, on their way to a birthday party in Hommelvik. The van died in a tunnel. Ugh. Fortunately she had enough momentum to cruise to an SOS turnout. They are spaced about every kilometer in the long tunnels. I called a tow-truck, headed out in other car and let Pam and the girls continue to the party. I got to hang out in the tunnel and wait for the truck – exciting!

The tunnel is LOUD. The highway through the tunnel is two-lane with cars driving in both directions, speeding by at 80 kph. There is a phone booth at the turnout. I've always wondered what they were like inside. There's a phone that connects to emergency help, a fire extinguisher and a first aid kit inside. Perfect if you were on fire, bleeding and lonely for someone to talk to. I was hoping for a vending machine with a Twix bar, but no such luck.

The tow truck arrived fairly quickly. He blocked off one of the lanes, making for tricky passing for the other cars. He hooked up an extra battery and drove the van onto the platform truck, and then drove me and the van all the way to Trondheim, dropping us off at a car fix-it place just a few blocks from home.

All in all, it was pretty easy.  And an exciting adventure for a Saturday afternoon.

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