Monday, October 8, 2012

Fall vacation day 3: just hanging out

Our hytte (notice the similarity between Norwegian "hytte" and English "hut") we're renting is located in Stordalen ("the big valley") near Åfjord. I like the name "Åfjord". "Å" is equivalent to the English "oh!", so this is "oh!-fjord", a very appropriate name. It's gorgeous here.

The property we're renting has three buildings, each with grass roofs. The main building has a living room, two bedrooms, bath with shower, dining room with fireplace, kitchen and two lofts. One outbuilding is a sleeping quarters, and the third is a utility building with a sauna.

The property is located on a river feeding into Storvannet, and the view is idyllic. There is a waterwheel in the middle of the river, and on the second day rain had made the river move quickly and the wheel spun all day. Pam always talks about she likes "living in a postcard", and this place is certainly a postcard.

One of our few rules for the week is "no screens." There was much complaining at first, but we quickly grew accustomed to other forms of entertainment: craft projects, board games, walks in the woods, maintaining the fire.

On Monday, the day we would have been visiting Legoland (assuming good travel speed), the kids got to open their packs of Lego. I told them the day before we left that they could spend the price of their admissions to Legoland buying actual Lego, but they couldn't open it until Monday. On that morning, they were up early like it was Christmas. All day they built they Lego cities and Lord of the Rings battle sites. Happy kids. (Maggie was pleased to own a Lego Legolas. She pulled his legs off so she had a leg-less Lego Legolas. We built longer phrases involving encouraging a girl named Liz to let go of said figure, but it's not really worth repeating. If you want to try lengthening the phrase, knock yourself out!)

Me? I was happy just to sit on the porch, drink coffee, and look at this:

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