Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Fall Vacation day 4: Stokkøya and Linesøya

Road trip! The kids were eager to get back into the van and continue listening to the audiobook we'd begun listening to on the way up. I was eager to get out of the woods and into some direct sunlight. We drove north up to Stokkøya (Stick Island), a popular summer destination. In October, we were the only souls around. There is a lovely white sand beach with a funky hotel and what we're told is one of the best seafood restaurants in Norway. We explored the beach, finding fish bones and jelly fish. The sun was shining but the wind was cold and the water even colder. It was definitely not a day for swimming but it didn't stop Anna from taking off her shoes and socks and running through the surf. It's October and she's splashing in the Norwegian Sea. (You've heard of the North Sea, yes? The Norwegian Sea is the next sea north of the North Sea. Brrr!)

I asked at the hotel if there was a central tourist area with shops here on Stokkøya. The lady behind the counter seemed amused. In a strange Norwegian dialect she told us of a grocery store on the island. Yes, we had passed this little store clinging to the cliff between the road and the sea on the way up here. If we want shops, she further explained, we'd need to go to Åfjord. I smiled. Åfjord is where our hytte is. There's about 10 stores there. It's the biggest city around. We are far from everything, near the end of the earth it seems.

The map shows the road continues to one more island. We must investigate. The road leads to a one-lane bridge from Stokkøya to Linesøya. The road is fenced with a motion-sensing gateway. I learned that these gates are to keep foxes off of the islands so they do not endanger bird populations. We followed the road, twisting through small farmlands – and sometimes right through small farms – until we came to the end of the road, a picnic table on a rocky outcropping at the end of the world. It felt lonely and desolate and yet somehow comforting. I think I could come to a place like this to die, to just fall off of the planet.

All in all, a gorgeous drive and a good outing. Back to our hytte for a few more games of Catan, hot dogs on the fire, and few a late night rounds of "monster" (hide and go seek, in the dark, with a slow-moving growling daddy-monster).

The drive to Stokkøya is just amazing. These pics don't do it justice.
Funky modern rooms to rent on the beach. We should do this next summer. Rent early I bet.
Hot tubs to rent. No one renting this season!
Mysterious fish part
Brilliant texture. I like textures.
Inflated sand dollar. Do they call them sandkroner in Norwegian? I wonder
Anna must be part polar bear
Maggie contemplating, as usual

Peter is ready to attack!
Lots of jelly fish to poke with sticks

Farmhouse at the end of the world on Linesøya

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