Thursday, October 11, 2012

Fall Vacation day 6: Selnes and Hiking

We made another road trip yesterday, this time to visit friends who own their own hytte on Fosen. It's a one-hour drive to Selnes, and the kids were again eager to hear more of the audiobook ("Ender's Game", by the way, highly recommended). We visited our friends for several hours, enjoying chicken dinner, and returned in the dark. Pam read to us from Harry Potter (the book is so much better than the movies!).

The next day, we dropped into Åfjord to inquire about hiking trails at one of the few shops. We were recommended a hike up to Solriks-something-or-other, which we did. Despite the steep trail, the ground was soaked with water and we soon all had wet feet except for Maggie, for whom Pam had just bought new hiking boots. I marveled at home much water the ground could hold even at an angle.

We thought perhaps we'd leave today, but we decided to stay until the last minute. It's been peaceful here. Not much to do. And that's been just the thing.

Rainbow on the way to Selnes

A wet hike

Sunset in Stordalen, view from our porch

Anna using her hand as a model as she sketches pictures

Peter dries his feet after a wet hike

Mike and Pam enjoying chili at the dining nook

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