Friday, October 12, 2012

Fall vacation day 7: back home

Friday morning we had another full breakfast, this time it was a little strange as it was my attempt to eat up all the leftovers. Hot dogs sliced into scrambled eggs are pretty darn good. Every day we've had good breakfasts, pancakes, crepes, eggs and bacon. It's nice starting a day with no hurries, no plans other than "make breakfast."

We packed up and cleaned and were on the road right on time. We took a direct route home, straight south to Rissa then onto the ferry. We didn't get out of the car as we usually do on the ferry. We were glued to the stereo, listening to the final chapters of Ender's Game on the audiobook. We reached the end of the book just as we pulled into our driveway in Trondheim.

Here's an overview our trip:
 home is at F, Inderøy is at B, our hytte at C, Stokkøya and Linesøya at D and our friends' hytte in Selnes is at E.

Cost for the trip was about 600 kroner for gas and 4200 kroner for hytte rental for the week. Plus food, drink and Lego. I haven't done the math, but it surely cost us much much less than driving to Denmark. It was certainly much more peaceful and relaxing. We'll save Legoland for the spring...

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