Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween 2012

Halloween is new in Norway and Norwegians are still mighty suspicious of this holiday, especially of the commercialization of Halloween – the plastic decorations, the expensive costumes, and the hugely expensive imported pumpkins. One friend told me she though Halloween was a conspiracy of the pumpkin industry. But it is catching on. Kids love it, and children drive the changes in culture.

Our Halloween started Sunday with the big annual party at our friend Kirstin's house. She hosts this party for the group Yanks in Trondheim, and it's a great party. Lots of themed food and desserts, a craft table, a pinata and bobbing for apples, and the costume contest. 30 or 40 folks were there this year, a bit fewer than last year but still a good sized crowd.

Anna dressed as a hippy chick, Maggie as steam punk comic book character, Pam as a Dr. Seuss-like character, and me as Doctor Doofensmertz with my latest investion, the Halloween-inator.

Naylors in costume

Outside in the snow doing the pinata
On Monday and Tuesday we decorate the house with spooky candles and ghost lights. Wednesday the kids carved pumpkins. Anna made a spooky face, Peter made a zombie face and Maggie carved a howling wolf. Afterwards we roasted the pumpkin seeds with seasoning salt. Mmmm... my favorite part of Halloween!

With daylight savings it gets dark at 5 pm now. The kids were eager to get an early start Trick-or-Treating. We have a good neighborhood for going door-to-door. Most houses have kids and so our neighborhood becomes very busy.

Friends started showing up around 5 and we served chili and cake. The kids ate donuts hanging from strings, hand-free (an easier version of bobbing for apples), and then the group of 6 or 7 set off with Maggie as the chaperone. Grownups played cards and drank coffee and manned the door while the kids were out.

This year we had quite a few visitors. I was surprised – our house is on a short street up a steep hill, and there are 32 steps up from the street to our house. Pam and the kids had put out jack-o-lanterns and candles on the driveway and up the stairs in order to entice visitors, and it worked. We probably had 40 kids knock on the door.

We are very satisfied with our Halloween experience this year. Boo!

Kids count their loot

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