Thursday, October 18, 2012

New basement windows

I've been putting in new windows in the basement, both for safety and to make the basement rooms feel more open. A few weeks ago I bought the windows and dug out around the window openings from the outside. Yesterday a friend brought some awesome tools over and we did some initial work, cutting and investigating the structure of the concrete walls. The previous windows were only 25 cm tall. The new windows are 80 cm, and open two different ways, one way for ventilation and a different way as an exit.

Today I used a compression hammer to make openings and remove the old windows. My friend was coming at 4:30 and I wanted to surprise him by having both openings done by the time he arrived so we could focus on setting in the new windows. I finished the second opening in time, went inside entirely exhausted and sat down, just to hear him knock on the door 60 seconds later! It was ok, though, I get really energized with these kind of projects. By 8:00 we had both windows in and sealed. There is still quite a bit of finishing work to do both inside and out, but that can wait a few days.

Me in my destruction gear
Pam flipped out when she arrived halfway through. She hates to see things like this... I love it!
Before (well, a couple holes already)
After. Tada! (Still lots to do, though)
One of the bricks from the basement wall. Weird, huh?

More pictures will follow when the windows are complete.


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