Wednesday, October 3, 2012

New residence permits

We got our yearly residence permits. They have a new system now, instead of stickers in our passports we get residence cards. They take our pictures and fingerprints down at the immigration office and we get these cards a few days later. The system is much less stressful now that we can sign up for appointments, but it still requires three trips to UDI. Maybe next year it will only require two.

We read the paperwork carefully with our new cards. We are to keep the cards with us when we travel out of country, and we are to also have our passports with us. So there is really no advantage to the cards over the passport stickers we used to get, and it's just one more thing to lose. I suppose it frees up one page in our passports. I ended up just taping these cards inside the back cover of our passports.

1 comment:

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