Tuesday, October 2, 2012

New van

We've been without the Trollmobile all year and we've been getting by with just one car, a small Toyota Corolla hatchback. It's really too small. We can't take our whole family and a guest somewhere, and after a trip with the five of us, a dog, and all kinds of stuff in the car and on all of our laps, enough was enough. Furthermore, Fall break is coming up and we want to take a roadtrip, maybe to Denmark. We need a van.

We got lucky and found the perfect van: a VW Caravelle, diesel (big bonus), four-wheel drive (required with the hill on our street), and 9 seats. The back has 4 sideways fold-down seats so it's easy to use for hauling big things or filling with lots of kids. It even looks like a small version of the Trollmobile.

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