Saturday, October 20, 2012

Sushi, Guinness and a fire

Went out with Pam and friends from our company to celebrate 2 years in business. We went to Kos sushi bar downtown and were most of the way through a fabulous meal and 2 bottles of wine when the fire alarm went off. "No way we're leaving" we said to each other, until people from the back of the restaurant came running out. I grabbed the plate of strawberry rolls (salmon, strawberry, apple, avacado and cream cheese) and we followed. Moments later 5 fire trucks rolled up. Very fast response time – I understand they take fires very seriously in a downtown filled with old wooden buildings. We ate the sushi on the sidewalk, the envy of the other patrons who left their food inside (though we regretted not bringing the wine). Employees from the restaurant came around a bit later and said they would not be reopening for an hour or two and that we should go. It was sad. Both for the restaurant, and for us, who were enjoying an exceptional meal.

We went a few doors down to a Scottish pub and finished out the evening drinking Guinness. It was a strange combination of tastes ... and an unforgettable evening!

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