Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Election day, USA

Lots of friends have been asking us about the election. Who are we voting for? Did we vote yet? Are we having an election party? It's funny how the world (Norway at least) is paying very close attention to this election – it affects everyone.

We sent our votes in a month ago. Democrats Abroad is one organization that helps US citizens living abroad figure out how to register and submit their votes. A friend sent our name to the newspaper as a family that might be holding an election party, but we had to tell them 'no'. It's 11 pm in Norway now and the first polls don't start closing for an hour yet in the U.S., and then it will take time to get the results. I'm going to miss watching the big map on TV as the score rings up for each candidate.

Instead, we'll just have to check the winner when we get up tomorrow. Not quite as exciting.

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