Saturday, November 10, 2012

Lego League, and perceptions of "cold"

The local championship competetion for the Scandanavia Lego League was held today on NTNU campus. Dozens of groups of school children came to build and program robots to complete various tasks and accumulate points according to their performance. The Math Center hosts a stand during this event. Along with other organizations we provide activities for the kids to do during their down time, of which there is plenty.

Anna joined me in setting up an area where kids could build things with the sticks we made for Forskningsdagene last month. For four hours we built structures and played. It was loud and busy but fun.

I had lamented to a colleague that the forecast today called for 7°C weather and I would thus be missing one of the few warm days left in the year. I checked the forecast for Sunday and it was to be 5°C. That's okay, I commented, Sunday will be warm too. She smiled and shook her head and told me that my idea of what a warm day is has certainly changed over the past few years. I guess it has. 7°? That's practically summer!

"Bare bygg!" ("Just build!") was my only rule for the day
The competition arena

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